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About us

Our ultimate objective is to establish the real partnership with the organisations seeking truly individual approach and deep understanding of their recruitment needs. Working together we combine our engagement, knowledge and experience both from psychological and business point of view. Actively operating on such competitive market we always remember about the trust our Clients and Candidates credit us with. We sincerely appreciate it throughout being ready to face the most demanding and complex recruitment projects, which we perceive as the personal challenge and inspiration.

In Solid Bridge Solutions we have set ourselves one goal – to offer the most effective and resultful services and solutions in the field of recruitment for middle, high and top managerial positions. We aim to constantly increase the quality of our work, giving our Clients and Candidates a full satisfaction from cooperation with us.

Solid Bridge Solutions was founded by the group of individuals with several years of professional experience gained in recruitment consultancy, who decided to combine their expertise in order to offer the complex and effective recruitment services as well as the most efficient Executive Search solutions.

In our every day work we follow three core values:

We respect all parties active in each recruitment process. For Clients it means the certainty of our engagement and conscious commitment while accepting assigned tasks and recruitments. For Candidates, respectively, real partnership leading to objective evaluation of their competencies and experiences resulting in possibly the best decision concerning their current and future career path.
At every stage of executing recruitment we strive to apply to our work the highest quality. It means for us the individual treatment of our Clients’ needs, open and clear communication of recommended solutions and expecting results, simultaneously taking into consideration all time and market limitations and opportunities. All information entrusted us by Clients and Candidates shall be treated with the highest respect to confidentiality and privacy.
We strongly believe that each single recruitment process can be successfully accomplished. Even clearly defined goal, however with only temporarily assigned engagement, rarely is achieved. Our perseverance in searching for new solutions and consequence in their daily implementation, is a guarantee of the true efficiency. The efficiency, which allows us to gain the highly valued trust from Clients and Candidates.

We are convinced, that with the obedience of all of the above values, we can exceed the expectation of our Clients and our Candidates, and at the same time to build solid and trustful BRIDGE between these both groups, their needs and our solutions.