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Solid Bridge Solutions offers the following services:


Solid Bridge offers assessments as made-to-measure appraisal and development, using reliable methods and objective standards. Assessments by Solid Bridge give clear answers to questions including pinpointed developmental advice. With or talent development assessments, developmental assessments, appraisal assessments and executive assessments we offer tailor made solutions.


An assessment provides a clear picture of the capabilities, personality traits and ambitions of a candidate or employee. You will obtain a clear advice about the ´fit´ between a candidate and your organization. This will enhance the chance of making the right selection decision substantially.

In the assessment the potential and the possibilities for further development will also be addressed, so you will be able to fully deploy and enjoy their talents. This is the way to optimize the value from an assessment and it will enable you to paint a clear and realistic picture of the future for this individual.

Solid Bridge works solely with scientifically underpinned methods. The appraisals and advice are thorough, reliable and objective. Our methodologies are innovative and largely predictive. What capabilities, personality traits and ambitions does a candidate have? Do these capabilities the position he wishes to be selected for? An assessment offers the objective measurement methodology to obtain insight in the answers to these questions.