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Solid Bridge Solutions offers the following services:


We are a specialists in coaching people in their work situation. Professional and personal growth are
the key drivers in coaching by Solid Bridge.

Base on scientific programs Solid Bridge has various specialist coaching programs for specific target audiences: middle management, management, boards and groups. The scientific methods that Solid Bridge deploys come from clinical & health psychology as well as labour & organizational psychology.

Dependant on needs and the issue a well defined choice will be made for a specific program. We always touches the core of coaching: developing human talents. Coaching by Solid Bridge makes the individual more self-aware, authentic, autonomous and sensitive to the context the coached operates in. In this way the individual obtains more of a “director” role in his personal development and learns to fully use his own potential. Thatʼs the power of Solid Bridge.

He who knows his (or her) talents, ambitions and role in society, will come closer to his passion and strength. And as a result, will find his natural place and pace. This is our strong conviction. Management Development Coaching is coaching leaders at middle and management level. Objective is discover and develop talents and competencies as well as managing more effectively through the development of general management skills and obtaining insight in personal strengths and weaknesses.

Executive Development Coaching is intended for executive and non-executive directors that are looking for a sparring partner in the field of strategic development, operations, human capital or other important business decisions.

Team Development Coaching focuses on management teams and boards that want to be supported in their development process towards becoming a (more) successful team and that also want help resolving issues that may exist in their team.