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Solid Bridge Solutions offers the following services:


Outplacement is a term used to describe the complex efforts made by a downsizing company in order to help its redundant employees in adjusting to the job loss. The outplacement services can include a wide portfolio of actions: psychological counseling, active support in search for new job, help in definition the best career path or professional presentations and communications trainings. 

Solid Bridge Solutions offers both Individual and Group Outplacement programs. 

The Individual Outplacement program can be dedicated for the managers from the middle up to the top managerial level. Solid Bridge Individual Outplacement program’s goal is to define the best further career path for the particular manager and subsequently help him/her in searching for the new employer.

The first stage of the program helps the employee to adjust and accept the incoming change in the professional life and to determine his/her  strengths and weaknesses as a candidate at the present labour market. This includes personal support from one of our team of professional consultants. This stage can also include running additional psychological tests, which would help in more precised assessment of personal potential and the most crucial development areas.

The second stage include the professional assistance in preparation of CV and other application letters (both in Polish and English) as well as building up the personal profiles on professional web portals. Additionally this program stage can include also the direct contact on behalf of the manager with HR departments of selected companies, which could benefit in most from employing particular manager.


The Group Outplacement program can be dedicated for the group of employees starting from the specialists to the middle management level. Solid Bridge Group Outplacement program combines the communication to the company employees (together with the Client management) about the incoming employment downsizing, presentation of program steps and expected results. The next program stage is a workshops with professional consultant support. Our consultants work with selected groups of employees facing redundancy or career change in small groups to cover all the important issues and questions arising at times of job change.