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Solid Bridge Solutions offers the following services:

Search & Selection

Within Search & Selection Solid Bridge Solutions recruits for specialists up to the higher management positions in the following business fields: Sales, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Transport, Logistics, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, IT and Human Resources. 

The first stage of the cooperation with Solid Bridge Solutions is a detailed description and mutual analysis of Clients’ recruitment need, understood as the scope of duties and responsibilities assigned to the particular vacancy and required professional and personal profile of the Candidate. Depending on the results of such actions, we recommend our Client the best tools ensuring the most efficient and the fastest achievement of agreed recruitment objectives.

In our work we use the following sets of recruitment tools and instruments: 

In our work we also use external tools of candidates evaluation, like competency and personality testing. In order to obtain objective and the most accurate results we cooperate with well known market experts, possessing required level of expertise and experience.

Regardless of the tools we use and the business field of recruitment, during the whole  process we maintain in constant contact with our Client. By our Client we understand both HR Department and direct potential supervisors as well as other involved managers and company management.