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All personal data included in received applications, as well as all information received during interviews, will be treated as strictly confidential.

We reserve the right to contact only selected candidates.

Candidates / RODO

Solid Bridge Solutions specialises in middle, high and top managerial positions recruitment for both international and Polish organisations. The key part of all of these processes as well as of our success are people, who decide to entrust us and cooperate with our organisation as Candidates. This cooperation is based on long term and partner relationships with mutual respect and trust. Solid Bridge Solutions guarantees objective and impartial evaluation of Candidates’ competences and experiences, confronted with our Clients’ current needs and requirements.

Should you be interested in further development of your career or you would like to hear more about the vacancies that are currently available within your industry, we would be pleased to hear from you.

In both cases please contact us by sending your full Curriculum Vitae by using the following email address: cv@solidbridge.pl

Solid Bridge Solutions is treating all received CV’s with high discretion, following the below privacy policy statement regulated by RODO.

  1. Solid Bridge Solutions, having it’s registered office in Warsaw, 02-566 Pulawska 2 Street is a sole administrator of your personal received data.
  2. In all cases dedicated to our privacy policy you can always contact our security officer available at office@solidbridge.pl
  3. All data such as: name, surname, email address, phone number, professional experience, qualifications or any other information related to career path are collected from CV sent to Solid Bridge Solutions or from public social media’s (Linkedin or Goldenline), internet browsers and other recruitment portals.
  4. Data is collected and processed by Solid Bridge Solutions only for recruitment needs. CV’s of candidates are processed through internal CV data base input and later provided to our Clients. Such process takes place only if candidate is aware and actively involved in the particular recruitment project and gave the authority to Solid Bridge Solution to process his/hers personal data.
  5. Providing personal data (CV) by candidates is mandatory in order to achieve point #4. In other way, Solid Bridge Solutions will not process incomplete documents.
  6. In order to follow the proper data transfer in Solid Bridge Solution’s internal data base, candidates data might be transferred to the following third parties: Solid Bridge Solutions IT service providers (in this case Solid Bridge Solutions shall have all necessary agreements signed with such party, in order to match RODO regulations) / Public authorities and public authorities third parties, whose activity is stated and regulated by law
  7. Personal data shall be processed during necessary timeframe in order to achieve point #4. In case when the candidate is allowing Solid Bridge Solutions to process his/hers data for the recruitment processes in the future, data shall be processed until such consent is withdrawed.
  8. Your personal data shall not be processed towards profiling and/or any automated procedure.
  9. According to Solid Bridge Solutions privacy policy, you have the right to: access to your personal data and to receive a copy of such data / make changes and necessary updates in your personal data, especially when data not current or complete / have your personal data removed from Solid Bridge Solutions system
  10. You have the right to cancel your consent to process personal data at any time.
  11. In case when Solid Bridge Solutions is not in line with RODO regulations, you have the right to file a complaint to the right public authority.
  12. Your personal data shall not be processed outside of European Union territory.