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Light and Heavy Industry

Industrial sector is one of the key engines of each country"s economy. It includes numerous organizations like steel mills and chemical ingredients manufacturers, as well as companies focusing on the newest technologies – process and production automation, semiconductors or wind turbines linked to renewable energy market.
Despite of this variety of businesses we can still group different organizations operating in industrial sector taking into account similar technologies and product specification, identical sales and distribution channels as well as common groups of suppliers, customers and end-users.
While recruiting for its Clients from industrial sector Solid Bridge Solutions concentrates on searching for similarities among often different markets and industries in order to find the best solutions and the most suitable candidates.
That approach allows us to successfully cooperate with numerous manufacturing and commercial companies focusing on various markets, e.g. chemical and food ingredients suppliers, energy producers, automation process and HVAC systems distributors.

Within Light and Heavy Industry we have successfully recruited for the following positions:

Sales division




Finance and Accounting


Production/Supply Chain/Purchasing